Your Proposal Is Not Your
Dallas, TX | April 20, 2017

At the conclusion of this program, attendees will be able to prepare a project management plan that restates and supports the design professional’s role in the delivery of structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing building systems and confirms the required integrity of these systems.

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Ethical Challenges & Enigmas for
the A/E World
Dallas, TX | April 20, 2017 Learn More
Case Studies & Strategies in Codes, Building Departments, & ConsumersDallas, TX | April 20, 2017 Learn More
Accessing Mixed Use Facilities

Mixed use developments are gaining momentum across the country and the goal is not to get caught off-guard with where access is required and which standards apply to your project. We will speak to where fair housing applies and it’s importance in mixed-use facilities. A big topic to address in an hour, but maybe just enough to focus on the general accessibility goals to avoid a wrong turn down the road.

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